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Patient Accessibility

An interpreting service is available free of charge for patients using GP services. This includes interpreting for people who are deaf or deaf/blind.

Some patients are happy to bring a companion to their appointment to act as interpreter; but we understand you may have occasions that this is not appropriate and prefer the assistance of 3rd party interpreting services (language translation or sign language translation).

We do not allow children to act as interpreters during your treatment or appointments.

A member of the Team from the Practice dealing with your treatment or appointment will arrange the interpreter.

When you register with us; we will record on your clinical record that you require assistance when onsite or when accessing our services. This message will appear to any member of the team who accesses your file. However, we would ask that you remind us at the time of booking an appointment that you require assistance/ interpreter services.

Non-English Speakers

If English is not your first language, we offer the option of telephone interpreting services (including 3 way telephone calls). We ask that when arranging an appointment, we are made aware that you will require an interpreter and for which language this is required.

Telephone interpreting services are provided by The Big Word

Face to face interpreting services are provided by Health & Social Care Board (HSCB) Interpreter service.

Telephone interpreter services are used for urgent care as face to face interpreters are not available same day and have to be booked in advance.

A written translation service is available for patients who present with letters/documents in any language other than English.

Your documents will be sent to HSCB for translation back/to English.

Please be assured that anything discussed via an interpreter will be held in the strictest confidence by the interpreter.

British Sign Language/Irish Sign Language


Sight Impairment

Staff members are happy to assist those with sight problems around the building

Disabled Access

The surgery can be accessed by patients who need to use a wheelchair. Although located upstairs, there are lifts to provide access.

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