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We currently offer two online services:

Register for Online Services

Please pick up a registration form at reception. Once this has been completed we'll then provide you with your unique registration details document, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to register.

Please note that each person MUST have your own email address to be able to register for this service!

Once you have the unique registration details document, click the button below to go to the online registration page...

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Online Appointments

Once registered with our online appointments service, it will enable you to easily:

  • Search and book new routine GP appointments
  • Review existing appointments
  • Cancel existing appointments

Allowing you to manage your own appointments when you want, from any location or device that has internet access..

Online Repeat Medications

Once registered with our online repeat medication service, it will enable you to easily:

  • Order you current repeat medication
  • Monitor its progress
  • Review past history requests
  • Observe any comments we may feedback to you